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Haberdashery – A wide range of supplies to help you make your browband even more stunning.

Our Helmar Craft glue (red label) is a superior craft glue with a really good hold and dries clear as well which is very handy as working with glue is always messy 🙂 Our Helmar craft glue can be used for every part of making your browbands.

Our Helmar Leather craft glue is great for our DIY Leather products, not only does it also dry clear it is also designed to be specially used on leather and allows for a bit of bend when dry.

We have flags and rosette sets pre cut for your convenience or if you are trying to save some money we sell STIFF AS BOARD which is what we make our flags and rosettes from.

Several different brooch backs, disc and pins available as well.

All our Prices INCLUDE GST already as well for your convenience.

Haberdashery - everything else

Brooch Backs


Haberdashery - everything else

Browband Cleaning Kit


Haberdashery - everything else



Haberdashery - everything else

Hair Barrette


Haberdashery - everything else

Hot Glue Sticks – 7mm & 11mm