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All our chains are of the highest quality available, and are sold in 10cm increments for your convenience. We have provided the following approximate guides to how much chain is needed per browband size, allowing for some extra length to go over the loops, helping secure chain ends under the rosettes. If you are weaving chains with ribbon, you may find you will need a little more than what is shown here, and we advise you will need approximately and extra 10cm if you intend to cover the loops also in a work band style with no rosettes. Please remember these are approximate, and are based on measurements made in house by us, and may vary.

Approximate lengths of chain required per browband:

  • 12in/30.5cm = 27cm
  • 13in/33cm = 29cm
  • 14in/35.5cm = 32cm
  • 15in/38cm = 34cm
  • 16in/41.5cm = 38cm
  • 17in/43cm = 40cm