How To Make A Browband





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(Glue, scissors and needle purchased separately) 

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You will need:

  • Browband in your horses size
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue – we recommend Helmar’s Craft glue or a similar glue for materials. You can use a hot glue gun if you choose, however do take care not to burn yourself – the glue from hot glue guns can get VERY HOT.
  • 4 metres x 10mm ribbon in one colour – we used velvet in “#38 shocking pink” (used in all elements of the browband)
  • 2.5 metres x 10mm ribbon in a second colour – we used glitter velvet in “pink” (used in all elements of the browband)
  • piece of cardboard large enough to cut flags from (old birthday cards work well. Glue the card closed for extra stiffness of the flags or purchase our pre cut ones.)
  • 2 metres of 15mm satin to wrap loops of browband, flags & star points – we used “hot pink”
  • 1 metre of 10mm satin in matching colours – we used “hot pink”
  • 1 metre each of 10mm & 15mm metallic ribbon – we used silver
  • 2 buttons or centrepieces – we used crown buttons