Frequently Asked Questions


Can I exchange my items if they are the wrong size or colour?
We are happy to exchange any of our PVC browbands, centres/rings or leather products if they are the wrong size, however we are unable to exchange any cut to measure or pleated ribbons ribbons if you order the wrong colour.

Please contact us before ordering if you require a specific colour and we can organise samples.

Can I add to my order after I have completed payment?
Most of the time – Yes. We aim to have our orders into the post within 24-48 hours, so long as you get your second order in before we have sent off the first one, we can add to it. Just go through checkout as normal and select Local Pickup as your postage option. It is best to let us know you have added a second order, so we know to put them together. Best contact is via the Facebook page or text – 0439 332 186.

 How long does it take to process my order?
We aim to have your order processed and into the post within 24-48 hours of it being placed. Larger orders, or orders with lots of pleating take a little longer to complete, so please keep this in mind. We process orders in order of receipt. If you urgently need your order in the post, please contact us via email, Facebook or via text – 0439 332 186 and we will see what we can work out.

My order has been completed, when will it arrive?
We post all our parcels through Australia Post and are located in a RURAL region. According to Australia Post’s website, Regular post parcels usually arrive within 2-5 days for addresses within Victoria or 3-6 days for interstate Metro areas. Addresses in interstate Country areas will vary. Express Post parcels should be overnight within Victoria, and to major regional and metropolitan areas, and within 2-3 days elsewhere. Please be aware that addresses in the Northern Territory & Western Australia may take up 5 days for express and 14 days for Regular.

My Parcel has not arrived, what should I do next?
Please contact us ASAP if you think your parcel has gone missing, and we can lodge a missing parcel with our local Post Office. Not all sorting locations scan tracking, and it can sometimes take a little while for scan events to be available on the Australia Post website. 
If you provide us with a mobile phone number and/or email address, Australia post should send you automated tracking details also.

My items have been damaged in transit. What happens next?
Please contact us immediately so we can lodge the matter with Australia Post.

 What units are your items sold in?
Chains – Our chains are sold in 10cm increments, so if you order a quantity of 1, you will get 10cm, 2 = 20cm, 3 = 30cm and so on. To order 1 metre, you need to order 10 units Ribbon – our plain ribbons are sold in 1m increments. Ordering 2 units = 2 metres, 3 units = 3 metres and so on. Pleated Ribbons – All our pleated ribbons are sold in 50cm increments. To order one metre, please select 2 units. 1.5 metres is 3 units and so on. Centres and Rings are sold as individual items. To order a pair, please select 2 units. Flags – our flag & rosette sets are sold as a pair. 

Do you make browbands?
Yes – we can make browbands for you if you do not wish to make one for yourself. We can make individual browbands, or we can make bulk orders for your club or stable. Our readymade browbands, and design portfolio can be found on our Facebook page Bayview Browbands. Please contact us for more information.

Do you pleat your ribbon in house?
We do all knife pleating in-house ourselves, however our box pleat ribbon is bought in. Our Penny’s Perfect Pleating range is pleated in New Zealand by Penny Fanshawe. If you have a request for a specific colour combination, we can organise with Penny to have this made for you and sent with our next order.

Can I order in bulk?
Yes, you certainly can. We have bulk purchasing options on our website for our ribbons, along with several bulk purchase kits, and we are more than happy to work with browband makers who wish to stock up on bling products in bulk. 

I cannot find the design I want to make in your DIY kits. Can I have one custom made?
We can create custom kits for pretty much any browband design out there. Please contact us via email or text with a photo & description of the browband you wish to make, and we can work out all materials and instructions for you.

Where are you located?
We are located in Southwest Victoria, just outside of Portland in a small rural town called Tyrendarra.

What is the difference between Gold Light Gold & Rose Gold?

We have 3 finishes in our hardware (centres rings etc) that feature the word “gold” in their name. We noticed a slight difference in our supplier’s metal finishes that meant some were a traditional yellow gold, and some were a lighter shade of gold which we have called light gold to help you pick the difference between product finishes. We also now have the sought-after rose gold finish which is a beautiful rosy pink almost copper like finish.

I have received a refund; how can I see what this is for?
9 times out of 10 you will have received a refund for an item that is out of stock. This will be documented on your packing slip with your order, but you can also check your account on the website to see what has been refunded or if we have added any notes to your order.

What sizes are your browbands available in?

Our browbands range in size from 11 inches up to 20.5 inches. The most common sizes are:

  • Small Pony – 13”
  • Pony – 13.5”
  • Small Cob – 14”
  • Cob – 14.5”
  • Small Full – 15”
  • Full – 15.5”
  • Small hack – 16”
  • Hack – 16.5”
  • Large Hack – 17”
  • XL Hack – 17.5”

How Many colours do you have available in Satin ribbon?

We have almost 80 colours available in our satin ribbon range across 4 widths – 3mm, 7mm, 10mm & 15mm. All of these colours can be ordered in knife pleat in 10mm & 15mm widths.

How Many colours do you have available in velvet ribbon?

We have over 50 colours available in our velvet ribbon range across 4 widths – 3mm, 7mm, 10mm & 15mm. All of these colours can be ordered in knife pleat in 10mm & 15mm widths.

I am looking for a specific item, can you stock it?

If there is an item you think we should stock and do not, please email us with a description or photo so we can investigate it further.

I need a large quantity of a particular item – Can you do special orders?

We are always happy to try and help you source a particular item from our manufacturers. Just send us an email with the details and we will see what we can find out for you.

What is a Pre order?

Pre orders are offers we occasionally do on new items we are bringing in. They usually require a bulk minimum order quantity at a special “once only” price.

What does Backordered mean?

Some of our products can be “backordered”. This means that they can still be ordered even if we do not have them in stock for immediate postage. They are usually products that require a “bulk run” like our rosette templates, which we need meet a minimum order quantity before we can order.

I cannot remember my password.

Simply hit the “lost your password” link and follow the instructions when prompted.   If for some reason this does not help you get into your account, you can contact us via email or Facebook messenger, and we can manually reset your password for you.

What is the criteria for free shipping?

Your order will automatically qualify for free shipping by regular post if eth total is over $200 in value. If you select express post, you will be charged for shipping at the express post rate.

Can I collect my order in person?

Yes – if you are local to us, you may collect your order from us directly and save on postage. Simply select the “local pickup” option at checkout and we will contact you when your order is ready to collect.

Do you have any other metal finishes other than the normal Gold, Silver or Rose gold?

Yes, we have 9 different finishes available across our range including Gold, Silver & Rose Gold. The other finishes are:

  • Light Gold (a lighter version of gold)
  • Gunmetal (a darker version of silver)
  • Antique Brass (a blackened version of gold giving an antique look)
  • Antique Silver (a blackened version of silver given a vintage/antique look)
  • Black (enamel coated metal in black)
  • White (enamel coated metal in white)

What are your postage options?

We offer 2 flat rate postage options and send our orders via the Australia Post network. These are Regular post and Express Post. Once we have lodged the parcels with auspost we have no control on how fast they arrive. Please check the AusPost website if you which to calculate approximate time frames. We are classed as “Rural”, and our post code is 3285. Please note that “priority packing” is not a faster postage option, simply a “jump the processing queue” to have your order packed sooner.

What is the “Jump the Processing Queue” option at check out?
This is express post + a fee for picking and packing your order in front of others – basically what the name suggests – jumping the queue.

Do you do bulk DIY orders for clubs?

We are only too happy to assist your club with a bulk order of supplies for unmounted activities. If you would like to know more about a bulk order for your club, please email us to find out more.

Do you run browband making lessons or classes?

At the current moment we do not offer any classes or lessons due to time restraints. We do have an online course we will be offering soon, and occasionally do live videos where you can come along with us whilst we make browband orders and ask questions about the process as we go.

What are your flag sizes?

Our pre-cut flags are sold in Pony, Cob, Full and Hack. Each size is scaled to suit the matching browband sizes (13.5” 14.5” 15.5” 16.5”) and can be used for the sizes on either side also.  

I am having trouble working out ho to price my browbands to sell, can you help me?

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the costs of all your materials. You also need to factor in your TIME involved in making the browband. We get asked a lot if there is a formula to do this, so we have created a handy MS excel spreadsheet that will help you to calculate your costs. You can find it for purchase in the “digital downloads” section of our website.

What is the best glue for making browbands?

In our 20 years of making browbands we have discovered that not all glues are equal. For our browbands, we use a combination of hot glue and Helmar’s premium craft glue. Both are quick drying and have an excellent hold. We have also recently been trialling Helmar’s Tiger Grip, and Helmar’s Gemstone Glue and have found that both give an excellent hold, however they do take a little longer to dry.

How much ribbon will I need to order to make my browband?

This will depend on several factors: overall browband length, what width the browband is, how wide the ribbon is AND the weave design. A Sharktooth pony browband made with 15mm ribbon uses around about 1m of each colour, yet a browband made in a leather weave on the same size browband using a smaller width ribbon could use up to 10m or more! Check out our digital downloads section for our low-cost guide to ribbon lengths.

What widths do you offer in PVC browbands?

We sell browbands in 4 widths: ½ inch, ¾ inch, 1 inch and 1&¼ inch widths.

What widths do you stock in satin ribbon?

We stock 3mm, 7mm, 10mm & 15mm in our satin ribbon range.

What widths do you stock in Velvet ribbon?

We stock 3mm, 7mm, 10mm & 15mm in our velvet ribbon range.

What is the difference between knife plate and box pleat?

Knife pleated ribbon is a lo flat style pleat in a “wave” type pattern whereas box pleat is a fluffier higher style pleat that creates “boxes” out of the ribbon.

How much ribbon will I need to make my browband?

Working out the length of ribbon depends on a few factors – the ribbon width, the browband width and length, and also the design you are looking to recreate.
There are a couple of options that can assist you with what you are wanting to do. The first is to download our ribbon guide. This is a digital download that contains a rough idea of the lengths of ribbon needed for various widths of ribbon for various lengths of browbands. This can be found here: ABS – Basic Guide to the Amount of Ribbon Needed – Aussie Browband Supplies (
The second option that may be useful for you is to check out our DIY kits. They contain almost everything that you need to make a browband. We have 20 different designs available here on our website: DIY Kits Archives – Aussie Browband Supplies (


If you have any other queries, please let me know.

Hollie McCubbin



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