Browband Terminology

450 Quick Dry

(Helmars) 450 quick dry adhesive is a high-performance premium glue that sets quickly, dries crystal clear and is washable. Acid free.


A type of plastic. Sometimes used for a lighter weight setting instead of metal. Can be used for centrepieces, and sometimes in rings & banding giving the illusion of having rhinestones.


A waterproof solvent-based glue, it is excellent for gluing metal hardware in place. Can be used on glass also.


A protective covering on the reverse of an item. Can be the protective covering on a self-adhesive, or an item glued in place to later protect the back of an item


A special type of clip designed for hair.


Another name for any diamante product

box pleat

A type of pleated ribbon with alternating over under folds in a “box” style pleat


Process of weaving together multiple ribbons into a design

braid trim

Cords stitched into fancy designs commonly used for edging


Made from a strap with a loop at either end. Can be made from leather or pvc and comes in many available widths. Usually measured in inches or as pony, cob, full, hacks or variants of in half and whole inches


Rolled up pleated ribbon into a shape of a circle or oval to resemble a carnation flower. 


Another name for a fancy button. Used as a “centrepiece” for rosettes


Diamantes set in metal claws. There are many different patterns/designs. And comes in several different metal finishes.

channel Browband

Leather browband with a padded backing and an inset channel to place diamante chain.


A weave design creating squares on the face of the ribbon


A common name for a browband size, most commonly around 14.5 inches


Another name for diamantes (see diamante)


A small man-made stone usually round with a faceted finish. Sometimes referred to as a crystal or rhinestone.

Diamante ribbon

A metallic base ribbon with rhinestones/diamantes attached during the manufacturing process. This can be close set or open set


The name of a weave design that results in diamonds on the face of the browband

Double Diamond

The name of a browband design weave that results with two rows of colours of diamonds on the face of the browband. Best results are with a single base colour with two alternating colours

Double Row

Two rows of diamantes. Can be used to describe chain, diamante ribbon or diamante rings


Two-part glue – uses epoxy and resorcinol, made both from synthesized and organic resins. They are best for working with metals.


Imitation item


The flat shaped tail that goes on the loops and is decorated with ribbon

flag backing

Made from stiff as board, cardboard, or any other stiff materials

flag tip

A metal item designed to go onto the tips of pointed flags to protect the edges of the flag and ribbon.

foil ribbon

A smooth shiny metallic ribbon


A pva type glue designed for using on the ends of cut ribbon and material to prevent fraying. It dries clear but may show up white if allowed to get wet.


A common name for a browband size, most commonly around 15.5 inches

Gemstone Glue

A specially formulated glue designed for attaching diamantes/rhinestones to material without affecting the foil backing of the stone.  Capable of withstanding washing, it may show up white when wet, but dries clear.

glitter velvet ribbon

A metallic version of velvet ribbon – has a glitter effect


Used to hold the elements of the browband together. There are many varieties for many purposes, some multi-purpose, others for a specific use.


A common name for a browband size, most commonly around 16.5 inches


Helmar’s is a brand of glue, favoured by makers.


A base colour item with a sheen over top that reacts with all the colours of a rainbow.

Hot Fix

A type of glue backing applied during the manufacturing process that can be heated/melted and will act as a glue. Often found on the back of individual diamantes or on the back of diamante ribbon and as the base for hot fix bandings/tapes

Hot Fix applicator

A special tool with changeable tips to help make placing hot fix rhinestones in place with more accuracy. Sometimes referred to as a bejeweller after the commercial name of a popular brand.

Hot Fix Banding

This type of banding is composed of individual stones, diamantes, chains, or acrylic shapes set into a clear glue base that can be heated/melted and acts as a glue. Can be sold by the metre or in predetermined lengths.

Hot Fix Diamante

A diamante with a special heat activated backing, used with an applicator or iron, it allows individual stone sto be placed where the user wishes.

Hot Fix Tape

See hot fix banding

hot glue

Hot glue, used with a hot glue gun, it is a solid-state glue, that is melted for use. Once it has cooled it returns to a solid state.


The measurement unit most used in browbands. Equal to approximately 25mm

knife pleat

A type of pleated ribbon with close folds of ribbon


Usually made from kangaroo hide as it is soft and supple. Can be made from synthetic materials also referred to as “faux leather” or leatherette

lame ribbon

A loosely woven metallic ribbon with a feel similar to sandpaper which gives a nice sparkling effect


A rosette or flower pined to the jacket of a rider or handler

Lapel Pin

A small long pin for attaching to the back of small rosettes. Used as a “buttonhole” for wearing on jackets.

Large Hack

A length of browband – commonly 17 inches


Made from the hide of an animal, in various thicknesses for various uses.


A fake version of leather. Used in plating.


Metal set rhinestone letters for name browbands. These have a slot to allow ribbon to slide through and attach to the browband


The area of a browband at the ends where the bridle will go through.

loop squares

Folded loops of ribbon creating squares of ribbon. Layered with stars or rosette circles or used alone


Metallic ribbon comes in a few different varieties, the most common ones used in browband making are foil & lame


Sticky backed aluminium squares coated with a mirror finish. Available in a variety of colours


In general, patent leather is a fine grain leather that is treated to give it a glossy appearance.


The design of a weave


Mostly referred to with weaving leather patterns and can be done on both a browband and on a whip/cane

pleated ribbon

Ribbon folded either by machine or by hand. Used to make rosettes circles


A common name for a browband size, most commonly around 13.5 inches

Premium Craft Glue

A type of glue. Solvent based so it is flammable and but is also quick drying. It is a clear glue and dries clear also. 

PVA Craft Glue

A type of glue.  Pva stands for polyvinyl acetate. It is a non-flammable water-based glue. Goes on white and dries clear, but due to it is water base, it may soften and loose adhesion if allowed to become wet.

PVC Strapping

A form of plastic-coated webbing

Rainbow Ribbon

A printed or dyed ribbon in a rainbow sequence.

Rat Tail

A round satin cord used for wrapping chain or adding a fine detail to browband weaves/designs


A thin piece of material with woven edges. Any type of ribbon can be used in browband making. The most common types are satin & velvet and is available in several widths. Most commonly used is 3mm, 7mm, 9/10mm & 15mm.


A metal ring of diamantes used in rosettes. Smaller versions can be used on the browbands threaded with ribbon


The decorative round or oval piece made from pleated and folded ribbon that goes on the ends of the browband over the loop

ruffle pleat

A type of pleated ribbon similar to knife pleat but with looser folds


Satin ribbon has a smooth silky feel


A sticker back adhesive found on some products like mirrors and bandings. Simply peel off the cover and stick in place. May require additional glue or stitching to secure to some ribbon types


The name of a weave that results in triangles on the face of the browband that resemble the jaws of a shark

Shimmer Satin

A type of satin ribbon with metallic threads woven through giving a slightly shimmering type effect.

Silicon Heat Mat

A special heat proof mat made from silicone. Excellent for working with hot glue as the glue will not adhere and the item can be freely moved after it has set.

Single Row

One row of diamantes. Can be used to describe chain, diamante ribbon or diamante rings


A type of buckle designed to slide along ribbon. Used on flags and on the browband face

Small Cob

A length of browband – commonly 14 inches

Small Full

A length of browband – commonly 15 inches

Small Hack

A length of browband – commonly 16 inches

Small Pony

A length of browband – commonly 13 inches


A small pair of scissors – used for small cuts and delicate work.


An element of rosettes, stars are composed of carefully folded ribbon into star shapes. Can be used on their own in layers or along with rosette circles

stiff as board

A thin non-woven pressed fibre that stiffens when glued. Used to make flag backing


Leather with the flesh side rubbed to make a velvety nap.


An object used to create a shape. Can be a stencil style for tracing or a reusable item for assisting in shaping

Template 2.0

An a4 sized stencil created by aussie browband supplies to assist with making perfect shaped rosette circles. Features the sizes in between those of the template and includes circles from 20mm in size up to 75mm and ovals from 20mm up to 85mm.

The Template

An a4 sized stencil created by aussie browband supplies to assist with making perfect shaped rosette circles. Includes circles from 40mm in size up to 80mm and ovals from 60mm up to 100mm.

Triple Row

Three rows of diamantes. Can be used to describe chain, diamante ribbon or diamante rings


Any type of ribbon that has more than one colour blended through.


Velvet ribbon has a low pile giving it a furry feel.


Sometimes called faux patent or patent look, it is a thin layer of polyurethane on a light material backing 


Refers to how wide the materials are.

wrapping cord

A round rope style cord for wrapping around browbands to attach chain


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