Browband Care Guide


These tips will help you to help prolong the life of your browband. Follow your browband makers suggestions for how they recommend to care for your browband.
Some designs of browbands require a different storage method to others and these can vary from maker to maker, as it can be affected by the way they have been made. For example mirrored browband designs should always be stored in a curved shape, even if they were purchased laying flat. The adhesive of the mirrors prevents them from laying flat again once they have been curved, and will buckle if forced flat.

Horse Make-up is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to remove from browbands, So keep it right away from these products in order to protect them. Leave your browband/bridle off when applying makeup, and have someone with clean hands or gloves put the bridle/browband onto the horse.

Do not leave your horse tied unattended whilst wearing a ribbon browband, especially if he/she has the opportunity to rub their head against things. This is a guaranteed way to lose a browband rosette, no matter how well they are fixed on. No adhesive or coating will withstand a head rubbing by a horse or pony!

Try to store your browband in a clean and dry environment and where possible, take it off the bridle. Keeping it in a specially made browband cover or browband storage bag is the best recommended storage option, however covering in a clean soft cloth like an old pillowcase, works well and will help keep it dust free. Try to cover it loosely to avoid bending the points on stars and flags. If your browband has any type of bling, storing it in a dry place is important to avoid tarnishing of any metal coatings, and will help prevent any mould appearing. Make sure if your browband gets wet at any stage when in use to allow it to dry well before storage.



It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to wash the browband by soaking it in water. Most marks can be removed by gently sponging with a slightly damp cloth. You can also use a clean damp toothbrush with a little bit of pure soap to brush clean the ribbon – work from the middle to the outside in a flicking motion.  Do NOT use bleach or harsh chemicals as it may remove colour from the ribbon and your browband will be ruined. Always leave the browband to dry well!!


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